How to Play


1. Bar Slots

  • Health Bar
  • Enery Bar
  • Thirst Bar
  • Hunger Bar
  • Mana Bar (Unlocks once you discover magic)

2. Hotbar Slots

This bars holds your items


Press E to interact with items in the world.

Ex pick up items, enter a car or open crafting stations.


This is the viewer code, your viewers can enter this in the app to connect to your game and start sending you items, change weather or other cool stuff.


This is the game score, you gain score by playing (and viewers sending commands) and i will add a highscore list on this page eventuality.


This display your Frame per Seconds.


Press Tab to open “Inventory Window”


All the items you have on your character.


Crafting you can do where you stand, standing close to some objects unlocks new categories that allow you to make more cool stuff.

Some achievements unlocks new crafting.


Your characters equipment slots, drag gears from your inventory in to these slots to equip them.


Basic Controls

  • Run – Left Shift
  • Attack – Left Mouse
  • Jump – Space
  • Crouch – C
  • Reload – R
  • Aim – Right Mouse
  • Interact – E
  • Place Object – Left Mouse
  • Select Buildable – Right Mouse
  • Open / Close Inventory – Tab
  • Toggle Achievement – I
  • Movement – WASD
  • Rotate – Left / Right Arrow
  • Select Hotbar – 1 to 6 or Scroll Up / Down

Pro Tips


Try to find a small stone to pickup, this is the beginning of all civilizations, be a caveman and start in the Stone age!


Completing achievement may grants new crafting or unlock special features in the game, i plan to have over 200 achievements in the game at some point.


You start with 10 water bottles, this can be consumed and leave a empty bottle, don’t throw empty bottles on the ground, recycle it in a barrel of water, to gain water in the barrel you will need some rain.

* Barrels are cool because they roll, and we all like Rock and Roll!